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Stay Clean and Clear

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Gyms are full of germs, and the moister they are the higher survival rate for germ organisms to thrive and therefore an increased risk for gym goers to become infected with some form of skin infection or other condition.  Sweaty, shared surfaces and shower/locker rooms are great places to pick up nasty bugs. The most common conditions include plantar warts, athlete’s foot and ringworm. Here are some tips to stay germ-free during and after your workout:

–          Wipe down all equipment, preferably with a cleaning solution supplied by the facility, before and after you use it.

–          Shower immediately after your workout to eradicate any germs on your skin before they have time to set up shop.

–          Always wear flip-flops in the locker room and shower.


Author: veefitness

A qualified REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer who is passionate about helping others to achieve their goals of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Also a qualified Level 1 football and cricket coach.

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