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How To Do a Lat Pull-Down

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Lat Pull DownA lat pull-down machine consists of a long bar suspended by a cord that is attached to a stack weights and a chair positioned directly under the bar.

The lat pull-down targets the back. The lat pull-down focuses on the latissimus dorsi muscle in your upper back. The secondary muscles used when completing the lat pull-down are trapezius, rhomboids, deltoids, biceps, and the flexors of the forearm, the serratus anterior and the brachiallis.

– Adjust the kneepads to comfortably support your legs and to help stabilise weight.
– Stand up and grip the bar, palms facing outwards, with your hands shoulder-width apart before pulling the bar back down and taking your place under the knee support.
– Stay seated and extend your arms up and above your position.
– Pull the bar down to your upper chest, keeping your back straight. Do not lean back.
– Don’t let the bar touch your chest when it comes down, because this means you are leaning back.
– Make sure your shoulders are down and your elbows pulled back and hold for a second before returning to the start position.
– Slowly extend your arms back up, stretching fully and keeping your ‘tall’ posture.

The upward motion should be as slow and smooth as the downward motion.


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