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6 Ways to Sleep Better

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Here are 6 ways to ensure you can sleep better:
1) Limit caffeine to the morning with none after 2pm.
2) Do a brain dump two hours before bed.
3) Turn off TVs and computers one hour before bed.
4) Sip decaf tea, listen to soft music, read something light.
5) Leave phones and electrics outside of your bedroom.
6) Make sure your bedroom temperature is 67-60°F

Here are 3 bonus strategies:
1) Have an epsom salt baths 1 hour before bed.
2) Experiment with a small protein and fat pre-bed meal.
3) Take phosphatidylserine at dinner and bedtime.


Author: veefitness

A qualified REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer who is passionate about helping others to achieve their goals of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Also a qualified Level 1 football and cricket coach.

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