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What’s The Best Strategy For Reducing My Carbs When I’m Trying To Get Lean?

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Your strategy should be the same as when you are bulking up, only in reverse. You don’t need to drop your carbs drastically. Some bodybuilders go from 400 grams a day to zero to get ready for a show. That is not a good strategy. Taper them off slowly, maybe by cutting carbs out of your last meal of the meal to start. Then you could remove some or all from your second-last meal. As long as your body is making gradual changes, keep up the reduction and just don’t do it all at once. You may lose weight quickly with drastic changes, but you will be left with no room for adjustment when your progress halts.

Author: veefitness

A qualified REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer who is passionate about helping others to achieve their goals of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Also a qualified Level 1 football and cricket coach.

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