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When You Are Sick, Is It A Good Idea To Workout?

Dedication is great, but training while you are sick does not help anybody. You should stay away from any training or other activity if you are not well. You are better off getting some rest and then coming back to the gym when you are healthy. Keep in mind that every time you go to the gym you need to give 100% to achieve your desired results. If your training intensity is compromised because you are sick you will not reach your goals. Unless your goal is to make other people sick, and you do not want to do that, you will be just wasting your time. Therefore, stay at home, get better, and come back ready to train hard.

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15 Tips To Keep Your Mind Active

This is a little bit off topic and not what I would normally post on the blog. This is something I came across and just wanted to share it with you guys.

1) Read a book
2) Take a course
3) Learn a language
4) Run
5) Play golf
6) Do yoga
7) Play pool
8) Play a game
9) Subscribe to a daily newsletter
10) Grab the controller
11) Build a model
12) Learn an instrument
13) Do a crossword
14) Engage in a debate
15) Do Cycling