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Ice Cold For Blasting Fat

Drinking Ice Cold Water

British researchers found that drinking refrigerated water increased exercisers’ energy levels, especially in hot-weather workouts. Athletes who drank chilled water during exercise worked out 25% longer than people drinking the same amount of room-temperature water. Those participants also claimed their workouts felt easier. Fill your water bottles with cold water right before training in the gym ready for sipping before and during your training session. It will help keep your core body temperature down and your energy up so that you can perform your best and maximise your calorie burn.


Proper Stretching

Including flexibility training (stretching) in your workouts is crucial to round out the training program. However, many athletes neglect to make the time for it. Research shows static stretching at the beginning of your workout may hold back physique performance. Static stretching has benefits, including improved flexibility and posture. However, this type of stretching is best done at the end of your workout during cool-down when your muscles warm and pliable. Begin training sessions by warming up with dynamic stretching. Active-range-of-movements that lengthen the fascia (connective tissue around the muscles) raise your core body temperature, and prepare your body for the exercises to come in the workout.