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What Are The Health Benefits of Apricots?


Apricots are a small fruit with a velvety smooth skin. It has many health benefits due to its dense nutrition content.

Cancer Prevention
The powerful antioxidants found in apricots help protect the body from free radical activity and damage to cells and DNA.

Though controversial, recent studies say that apricot seeds fight cancer due to their laetrile content. Laetrile, also known as Vitamin B17, is a controversial substance found in the seeds (also known as “pits” or “kernels”) of apricots. B17 has been noted for both its cancer-fighting potential as well as its supposed toxic effect on humans. The FDA banned laetrile in 1971 because it contains cyanide, a well known poison. However, recent studies have questioned its level of toxicity and many researchers claim that laetrile kills cancer cells without serious side effects. More research is still needed and individuals should consult a doctor before consuming apricot seeds.

High In Antioxidants
Apricots are a good source of vitamin C and a great source of vitamin A, providing 20% of one’s DV per serving.

Heart Health
The beta carotene found in apricots is now considered by many studies to play a positive role in cardiovascular health and heart disease prevention. They help prevent oxidation to LDL cholesterol and detoxify the blood.

High In Fibre
The high fibre content in apricots offers a variety of health benefits. It may be essential in colon health, is it great for digestion and helps balance the metabolism and maintain a healthy body weight.

Eye Health
Fruit like apricots, which are high in vitamin A and carotenoids, are now considered by many to help strengthen the eyes. One report stated that eating 3 or more servings of these fruits per day may help to prevent age related eye disease like macular degeneration.

AnemiaApricots contain a good amount of iron and copper, both of which may help in the formation of hemoglobin.

Skin Health
Rubbing apricot oil on the skin may help relieve the symptoms of conditions like eczema and scabies.

Weight Loss
Apricots are a low calorie, nutrient rich food source that may be a great addition to any weight loss program. In addition, the fibre in apricots may help to maintain a healthy weight level.

Apricot is proved beneficial in treating asthma.

Bone Health
Apricot is rich in calcium which is important in formation and development of bone. So it is beneficial from any bone related problems.

Maintain Electrolyte Levels
Apricot contains potassium and sodium which are required to maintain electrolyte level in balance. Electrolyte is important for transportation of ions to every cells of body. Also it maintains fluid levels which are important for muscle contraction. So potassium and sodium plays an important role in maintaining electrolyte level.

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Many Athletes Are Vitamin D Deficient

Vitamin D is important for normal calcium metabolism and plays a vital role in maintaining bone and muscle health. Many athletes have a vitamin D deficiency because they shun vitamin D fortified dairy products and do not get much outdoor activity. Vitamin D is produced naturally in the skin as part of a reaction involving sunlight, but it is also consumed in the diet. A literature review conducted by Enette Larson-Meyer and Kentz Willis concluded that adequate vitamin D levels are important for promoting muscle mass and strength, and that it plays a critical role in muscle protein synthesis.


Glucosamine Has No Effect on Low Back Pain

At least 85% of the population will suffer from low back pain. Arthritis in the spine becomes more common with age, and is an important trigger of back pain. Arthritis is a crippling disorder of the joints that affects cartilage, underlying bone, joint lubrication, and surrounding muscles. Many people take glucosamine supplements to promote cartilage health and reduce arthritis pain. However, not all studies have shown a beneficial effect. A study conducted in Norway, showed that 6 months of treatment with oral glucosamine (1,500mgs per  day) did not reduce disability in people with chronic back pain and degenerative arthritis in the lumbar (lower) spine.

Back pain is a complicated problem that cannot be cured by a single magic supplement. Reducing symptoms requires a combination of improved spinal mechanics, muscle fitness that promotes spinal stabilisation, and healthy tissues in the spine and core. Glucosamine has positive effects on cartilage cells and might be beneficial for treating low back pain with combined with other treatment methods.