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Eat Apples to Lose Body Fat?

According to recent studies, ursolic acid which is a waxy compound found in apple peel has serious muscle-building properties. Mice suffering from atrophy were given ursolic acid and this halted muscle degradation. When ursolic acid was administered to healthy mice, it actually sparked muscle growth and even reduced body fat.

Apples are low in calories and fat, low in sodium, and contain vitamins and minerals as well as fiber. These can all help you to lose weight in different ways. The fiber helps you feel full longer because it expands in your stomach so it takes less food to satisfy your hunger.

The slow digesting carbohydrates in apples also make them ideal pre-workout fuel.

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Green Tea Component Does It Promote Energy Expenditure?

Green tea contains a chemical called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which promotes fat loss and protects the cells from free radicals produced naturally during metabolism. A study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that caffeine (200mgs per day for 3 days) increased energy expenditure, while EGCG (300 or 600mgs per day for 3 days) had no effect. Several studies found that EGCG and green tea promoted weight loss and reduced the risk of some types of cancer. However, these studies are controversial, and more research is needed before this supplement is recommended for weight loss or cancer prevention.