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Water Consumption For a Dry, Shredded Look

I should keep water consumption low to maintain a dry, shredded look. True or false?

False. Aside from perhaps the day of a contest, there is no benefit of being dehydrated. It impairs growth, recovery and ability to train. In fact the best way to avoid looking bloated is to drink plenty of water, limit carbohydrates and consumption and ensure your electrolytes are balanced. Aim to drink about 1.5 to 2 litres of water per day, limit carbs to fewer than 50 grams and supplement with electrolytes while training.

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Should I Still Have Carbs Before My Workouts If I’m Trying To Get Lean?

It is better to have the energy to get through the workout with a high level of intensity than have a bad workout because you are carb depleted. If getting lean is your main concern, try going without and see how you do. If your body continues to change, then great – you are one of the lucky ones. However, if you find you are not getting leaner, your body’s likely suffering an energy deficit during workouts so that you cannot train hard enough. The general recommendation is to eat 20-40 grams of slow digesting carbs 30-60 minutes pre-workout. You can start there and see how that plan goes. Just don’t be too rigid one way or the other.

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What’s The Best Strategy For Reducing My Carbs When I’m Trying To Get Lean?

Your strategy should be the same as when you are bulking up, only in reverse. You don’t need to drop your carbs drastically. Some bodybuilders go from 400 grams a day to zero to get ready for a show. That is not a good strategy. Taper them off slowly, maybe by cutting carbs out of your last meal of the meal to start. Then you could remove some or all from your second-last meal. As long as your body is making gradual changes, keep up the reduction and just don’t do it all at once. You may lose weight quickly with drastic changes, but you will be left with no room for adjustment when your progress halts.

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When You Are Trying To Gain Size, Does Carb Type Matter?

This issue depends on the person. Some people have to be really careful with the type of carbs they consume, so you need to experiment. Try various simple and complex carb sources and monitor their effect. If you do not monitor your response to carbs, it may be too late by the time you notice a problem. Keep a ledger of what you eat and how much so that you can make changes. Oatmeal, which digests very slowly, works well. A different carb source may work better for you, so you need to experiment and monitor your results. You may also find what works best today won’t be optimal tomorrow. Vigilance is the key to gains in bodybuilding.

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How Many Carbs Per Day Should Be Consumed To Gain Mass?

There is no hard and fast rule dictating how many carbs you need for size, but it is wise to weigh your food. Weight your yams, baked potatoes and oatmeal so that if you are not gaining enough weight, you can add a little. If you are eating a cup of rice with meals and it is not working, you can add ¼ cup per serving and see how your body responds. Some people overcompensate, having 2 cups of rice to speed up their gain, but you are better off making incremental adjustments.