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Ways to Empower Your Weight loss and Fitness Journey

Here are 10 questions that will empower you on your weight loss and fitness journey:

1) How will my life improve if I exercise 5 days a week?
2) What actions can I take this week to cultivate a healthier lifestyle?
3) What do I find exciting about physical exercise?
4) What should I eat to ensure I reach my 2lbs weight loss goal this week?
5) How am I going to make today totally awesome?
6) What am I really looking forward to about losing weight this month?
7) What do I love about the way my body is changing?
8) What positive thing can I learn from that mistake today?
9) What are some of my best achievements so far?
10) What is the most important action I can take next to achieve my goal weight?


Men Need More Rest Between Workouts Than Women

Recovery from a monster workout can sometimes take as long as two weeks. Most people weight train every other day as it is a traditional method. A study in the Journal of Sports Physiology Performance showed gender differences in recovery capacity following weight training. The results showed men needed at least 48 hours of recovery to achieve the same strength levels as previous workouts, while women needed only 4 hours of recovery. The most likely explanation is that men are capable of exerting greater relative force during intense workouts, which makes it more difficult for them to recover.