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Green Tea Cuts Fat and Prevents Free Radical Damage

Green tea is a popular weight loss supplement. A controlled study published in the Journal of American College Nutrition, reported that green tea or green tea extract supplements reduced body fat and prevented oxidative cell damage in obese people with the metabolic syndrome (eg. high blood pressure, abdominal fat deposition, insulin resistance, abnormal blood fats). People lost an average of 5.5lb of fat and reduced BMI (Body Mass Index, measure of the proportion of weight to height) by 1.9 points. Green tea (4 cups per day) or green tea extract (2 tablets per day) improved metabolic health in obese people.

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Ab Fat Linked To Alzheimer’s Disease

Abdominal fat deposition is a sign of poor metabolic heath. It is an important symptom of the Metabolic Syndrome that includes insulin resistance, abnormal blood fats, high blood pressure, any type II diabetes. Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine found that midlife abdominal obesity increased the risk of dementia. CT scans of the abdomen and brains of 733 older adults (average age of 60) showed that those with more abdominal fat had the greatest rates of brain deterioration.

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Reducing Sugary Drink Intake Lowers Blood Pressure

Over consumption of high sugar soft drinks may cause obesity, insulin resistance and high blood pressure. A study from the Louisiana State University Health Science Centre found that overweight people who drank one less high sugar beverage per day during an 18 month period showed a drop in systolic and diastolic pressure of nearly 2mmHg. Researchers speculated that cutting out two drinks per day might have an even greater effect. Scientists disagree on the negative health effects of consuming high sugar beverages.