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Knee Supports/Wraps – Does It Just Protect Your Knees or Does It Help You Get More Reps? What Are The Downsides?

Knee wraps done tightly enough can definitely offer some assistance in a heavy lift. The added stability makes it easier to squat weight. Some bodybuilders will put them on only a minute or two before their heavy lifts because the wraps are so tight they can limit circulation. However, they do offer some support that can be beneficial for people who have suffered an injury or have chronic knee pain. Therefore, it is okay to use them when doing heavy squats. Just do not start using them until you are moving serious weight.


Back It Up

Pedalling backwards on an cross trainer can help you increase aerobic capacity 9% better than pedalling forwards, according to a new study from the American College of Sports Medicine. Backpedalling can also strengthen your legs better than forward pedalling. The findings have particular importance for lifters with knee injuries, as cross trainers offer a joint-friendly, low-impact movement.