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Boot-Camp Benefits

Boot-camp style training is more popular than ever with classes offered at gyms and in a wide selection of exercise DVDs for training at home. Scientists at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse Exercise and Health Program, analysed the benefits of boot-camp workouts. The results showed the average exerciser burned 9.8 calories per minute – almost 400 calories during a 40 minute boot-camp video chosen for the study. For a great workout that could help break a training plateau by changing your regular routine, choose a class that combines aerobic exercise with strength movements. These classes help weight loss as well as muscle building with pushups, squat thrusts, and arm curls to provide great interval training.

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The Best Bodyweight Moves

Below are a few of the exercises for certain body-parts where bodyweight moves can add both depth and definition.



Inverted pull-up on Smith Machine


Wall squat

Jump squat

Sissy squat

Split-jump squat



Incline push-up

Decline push-up

Plyo push-up


Hanging leg raise


Double crunch