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Perfect Way to Improve Self-Esteem

Exercise can improve a person’s body image whether their body changes or not state researchers. Researchers reported that the simple act of expending effort in the gym trying to get in shape is enough to make people believe they look better. Having a good body and high self-esteem can lend itself to all areas of your life, changing your attitude, improving your outlook on life, and gives you confidence. You don’t have to achieve the physique of your favourite bodybuilder to get great results and change your life.

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Take Your Time

Learning proper technique for new exercises in the gym can be frustrating. You want to get in there, do your workout and see results as quickly as possible. Taking the time to master new exercise movements is worth the effort. Going too quickly usually leads to bad form, and often injuries. Researchers found people who work hard and accomplish the task at hand feel happier in the long term. Do not get stressed if you cannot master the proper technique right away. Go slowly and practice will pay off, and you are less likely to suffer an injury in the meantime.

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Location Makes a Difference

Researchers found that increased abdominal fat raises the risk of metabolic disease, but additional fat in the lower body (eg. the thighs) appears to lower the risk. The upper and the lower body have different cellular mechanisms that impact the effect of bodyfat depending on where it is located. People with unwanted extra pounds should take note of where bodyfat deposits are and pay special attention to clearing away fat in the midsection. Most trainers aim for a six-pack, and now there is added incentive for better overall health.

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Stubborn Pounds on the Midsection

Step up your cardio with high-intensity training, if you have a few extra pounds that are stubbornly covering your six-pack. A study from the University of Ontario found fat loss to be improved 36% in just two weeks with short-duration, high intensity bursts of exercise. Intense interval training hits the fat stores because your body continues to burn calories and fuel after your training session is over. The after-burn effect is not as high as when you spend the same amount of time in the gym doing low-intensity cardio.

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Taking Protein Before Training Burns Fat

Most people don’t think of protein for pre-workout use. However, having a serving of protein before exercise increases your metabolic rate and burns more calories. A study published in 2010 in the Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise (the journal of the American College of Sports Medicine) showed whey protein taken 20 minutes prior to weight training increased energy expenditure significantly more than the intake of carbohydrates.