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Restricting Sodium – A Good Idea?

Sodium is a great mineral that helps to regulate overall balance of vitamins and minerals present in your body. It is a very common misconception that sodium directly leads to bloating. Sodium should be controlled not cut out. Especially when you are low on carbs, as it is responsible for muscle fullness and strong muscle contractions. Being low on carbs stops your muscles drawing fluid into the muscles, and you need sodium to help you keep hydrated. Going too long without it eventually leads to dehydration. Sodium does make you hold water, but when you are training for a contest, doing cardio, tanning and posing, you are losing an enormous amount of sodium in your sweat and urine. This should be replaced through dietary sodium or you will experience cramping, weakness and low blood pressure. Sodium is only your enemy about 24-36 hours away from your show.


Salt In Your Food

Practically everything in the grocery aisles is prepared with salt. If you are sticking to a clean eating diet and choosing items that are in the most natural state possible you are doing very well. For those of you who are still reaching for prepared meals and packaged meals because you don’t have the time to make everything you eat from scratch, be wary. Too much sodium raises blood pressure, leading to a higher risk of heart attack and stroke no matter how much training you do. Lowering your sodium intake not only helps to prevent heart and stroke ailments, but it also reduces the risk of kidney stones.