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Banana Kiwi Super Smoothie

A high in nutrients protein shake for the muscle and taste buds.

Preparation: 5 minutes
Serves: 1 serving
Energy: 347 calories per serving

– 1 large banana
– 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
– 6 oz nonfat plain greek yoghurt
– 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
– 1 kiwi fruit

1) Chop the fruits.
2) Blend all the ingredients for 1-2 minutes.
3) Serve.

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Tofu Banana Smoothie

Smooth tofu, cottage cheese yoghurt and frozen banana make for a delicious proteinous smoothie.

Preparation: 7 minutes
Serves: 1 serving
Energy: 301 calories per serving

– low fat cottage cheese
– low fat yoghurt
– 1 tbsp cinnamon
– ½ medium banana
– ½ cup soy milk
– 1 slice soft silken tofu

1) Put all ingredients into a blender.
2) Blend.

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Sweet and Spicy Green Juice

Mean green smoothie.

Preparation: 5 minutes
Serves: 4 servings
Energy: 108 calories per serving

– 1 tbsp honey
– 2 tsps ground cinnamon
– 1/10 hot chilli peppers
– ¼ tbsp ground nutmeg
– 3 medium bananas
– 1½ cups kale, chopped
– 2 cups spinach
– 1 cup water

1) Mix all ingredients in a high power blender for about 5 minutes.
2) Either chill in the fridge or add some ice, blend again and enjoy.

Note: The chilli peppers gives it a little kick, start with a little and add more to taste.


Thyroid Juice Remedy

Your thyroid is a set of multiple glands that work to keep your body running smoothly. They deliver messages (hormones) between themselves and other body parts so that all of those tiny cells are regulated and functioning at the proper levels. The hormones produced by the thyroid (T3 and T4) are essential for life and have many effects on metabolism, growth and development.

Thyroid health is important, because if your thyroid isn’t functioning properly it can lead to developmental defects or weight gain. Food is our medicine, so consuming the proper foods will help support your thyroid to ensure it remains in tip top shape. Carrots contain ample amounts of beta-carotene which is the precursor for vitamin A in the body. If you are low on vitamin A, your ability to produce thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) is limited. This vitamin is required by the body to convert T4 to T3.

B-complex vitamins are required for good thyroid function. Cucumbers contain B vitamins, so they are a good choice when trying to nourish the thyroid glands. Without B vitamins the thyroid and adrenal glands fail to secrete their hormones, and won’t be able to utilize its iodine raw material efficiently to make hormones. B vitamins are especially useful in individuals with an overactive thyroid.

– 1 cucumber
– 5 stalks celery
– 5 carrots
– 1 cup young thai coconut water
– 1 lemon

Juice the above ingredients, and add coconut water last.

Drink once every day.


A Thirst Quenching Papaya Drink

Papaya has high water content and low-energy density. A medium papaya (5 inches long, 3 inch diameter) contains a mere 119 calories, less than half a gram of fat and 5.5 g of fibre.
Papayas are an excellent source of vitamin C, potassium, beta carotene, lycopene, magnesium, folate. There are good for digestive health and helps to prevent constipation and heartburn.

– Ripe papaya (cubed) – 1 ½ cup
– Lime juice – 4-5 tsp
– Black pepper – 1tsp
– Rock salt – 1 tsp
– Salt – ½ tsp
– Crushed ice ½ cup

1) Take a blender and put all ingredients except ice. Blend them into a smooth puree.
2) Now, take a glass and put some crushed ice. After that pour blended papaya mixture over crushed ice and chilled papaya drink is ready.